About Us


We serve a great God our Father who hears and answers prayer.

We are a Christian organization using our time and talents to help people preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ all over the world. We help people preach the gospel in many ways donating our services to some nonprofit organizations and helping folks save money so they can support missionaries and pastors. Our business has been built upon relationships with people. Those people love God and His Son Jesus Christ.

We are a small business providing tax and accounting services to the general public. We service individuals, S corporations, 501(c)(3) organizations, missionaries and pastors. We provide Quickbooks services in on-site training and application as a Quickbooks Pro Advisor. 
Our President is Rodney W Wicklund.

Rodney is a trained professional who has been providing services for the past 25 years. Our business was built upon referrals from satisfied customers. If you are viewing this web site, it is probably because you were referred by a satisfied client. We are here to serve you and make your tax and accounting experience as informational and painless as possible.



Rodney W Wicklund and Associates 2011